If you’re worried about flying, hypnosis brings a solution

Despite commercial aviation being safer now that at any time in the past, many people are still nervous about flying. Symptoms can range from a general feeling of unease a few days before flying, to outright panic and an inability to set foot in an airport.

A lot of flight-related anxiety is as a result of not understanding what is actually happening on an aircraft, or as a result of some previous experience that felt uncomfortable.

Hypnosis can help to make you a happy, professional passenger, to look forward to travelling by air and give you insider knowledge on how flying is still the safest way to travel.

Today could be the day your life really takes off!

Your step-by-step guide to a lasting solution

We help you to be more calm and relaxed in the air

Give you in-depth knowledge of how planes fly

Help you have the confidence to feel safe

Our ‘Joy of Flying’ course is unique

‘Ground School’ prepares you for flight

You’ll feel calm the moment you step on board

Learn to enjoy turbulence

Fly in a real flight simulator

Knowledge gives you the power to fight fear

My name is Jab MacCardy and I have been a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist in Singapore since 2014.

Because your unease with flying is individual to you, our course is too. It is run on a one-to-one basis; ideal if you are about to take a flight, or if you want to plan ahead for a business trip or holiday.

The course offers a good mix of everything you will need to be a ‘professional passenger’, including 2 sessions of hypnosis to help you to change your perspective on the experience of flying, and a 20 minute self-hypnosis recording made especially for you, so that you can build on the changes we start in the sessions.

In addition, we give you an hour’s briefing on the safety of flight, how aircraft systems work, navigation and flight planning.

It’s the perfect way to discover the real joy of flying.

Then to seal your new found confidence, we have an option to take you on a one hour flight in a professional flight simulator – there are over 26,000 airports from which to choose and you will be at the controls.

We understand that being nervous about flying is a very personal thing. That’s why the course we offer is unique to you.

It’s just one of the reasons that makes us different: we take time to listen and find out what worries you about flying, and to help to resolve any areas of concern you have about travelling by air.

From here, we progress, step-by-step, to take you through each part of your flight to help you to be happier, more relaxed, calmer, more confident and in control of the experience.

Of course, this may be all new to you, so have a look at some of the comments other people have been kind enough to write below, and remember, your first consultation is free and without obligation.

Just click on the link to have full access to our appointment diary. Your free initial consultation can be in our Novena Medical Centre clinic, or via a Telehealth video call to your home.

Based on 24 reviews
February 22, 2021.
Jab is friendly and helpful person, he really understands my problems and is able to give me the best solution to my problems. If you have a personal problem and don't know how to solve it, I'd like to suggest you to come and discuss about your problem with him.
Charmaine Tay
Charmaine Tay
July 16, 2020.
Mr jab is a very nice,friendly and caring person. He was very sensitive to my needs too, Willing to go out of the way to help me. Highly recommended as prices are reasonable too. I always looked forward to going to the clinic as Hypnotherapies were effective in helping me to feel relax and rejuvenated after each session, building my level of confidence and helping me to think more positive.
Rashel Chua
Rashel Chua
April 3, 2019.
My mind is clearer, and my self confidence levels are much better. I would be a nervous wreck during job interviews, but I breeze through them now. Got myself a good offer too. Of course, you'd actually have to know your stuff - being confident and secure in your knowledge does give you a definite edge over the rest though! Glad I gave this a go. It's been an illuminating experience. Thank you Jab =)
Jesslyn Tan
Jesslyn Tan
March 6, 2018.
You will be in a good hand under Jab. He knows exactly what you need and how to achieve it. Highly recommended.
LOVE, NILS Singapore
LOVE, NILS Singapore
April 10, 2017.
I was having issues with claustrophobia and insomnia. I was told hypnosis could help. I was extremely nervous, Jonathon calmly explained the process. After 4 sessions with him, and an audio guided version given to me as well, I slept much better and the anxiety of small places disappeared. My teenage daughter used their services for anxiety with school exams. I have gone back since to see Jab for other issues. I have sent dozens friends who all reported positive results. My charity for cancer awareness hosts the Hypnosis Clinic on our site for pain management, anxiety and issues surrounding cancer. I highly recommend this clinic.
Neha Arora
Neha Arora
March 2, 2017.
Dr. Jab MacCardy is a professional , friendly and ofcourse a charming therapist. My experience at the clinic has been life changing . Dr. Jab has a truly wonderful demeanour and welcomes anyone who walks into his office . If you have any concerns , not sure how to mange your fear , negativity , stress , depression etc , I highly recommend you to visit Dr. Jab MacCaardy. He will definitely guide you and walk with you step by step until you feel safe and happy . This is an experience I will always remember . Thank you Dr. Jab .
Kong Fern Chiang
Kong Fern Chiang
January 29, 2017.
Jab is a professional and proficient therapist. He is caring and u get really good care under him. Seriously will recommend him to anyone facing a life challenge they don't know how to deal with
Alvin Ng
Alvin Ng
September 12, 2015.
Excellent service. Jab and Jonathan are both very professional and friendly. Every visit is enjoyable and the work that they do is incredible. I cannot begin to thank them enough
Emma Crombie
Emma Crombie
May 20, 2015.
I am one of those many people who is burdened with the phobia of flying and live on an island of all places. When I was starting to dodge going abroad to see friends or making excuses to not go on those valuable weekends away, it was apparent to me that some kind of intervention was needed. I knew that the ability to feel more confident was inside me but I simply did not know how to unlock that part of me nor did I have the strategies for dealing with those thoughts, particularly when they got away from me. I found out about Jonathan's unique perspective and service through reading his biography on the website. My initial thought was that he must be truly invested in what he is offering. It is rare to hear of such a metamorphosis in careers- a pilot turned hypnotist must have made this transition as he genuinely believed in what he could do to help. I felt that I was in safe hands before we even met. The visit itself was relaxed, despite my initial nerves. Jab greeted me and made me feel instantly at ease- that kind and polite human touch that can be sadly lacking in receptions and offices was just what I needed, as I was rather worried about the path ahead. Jab has a truly wonderful demeanour and welcomes anyone who walks into his office. In the actual session, Jonathan guided me through the hypnosis procedure with great care, at no point did I feel worried or foolish (I admit that I was more worried about the latter!) I was given an extremely useful MP3 recording for my iPhone so I could listen to it on those days I felt anxious. As part of the service, I accompanied Jonathan to the flight simulator. My incredible phobia (and I am one of those extreme cases) was starting to rear its ugly head as even the idea of a simulated accident made me feel worried. However my desire to learn outweighed my need to be in control of my situation. Listening to Jonathan, a pilot, explain very clearly what is happening in the simulator demystified the cockpit; the unknown became the known; the fear became intrigue...it all became suddenly so "normal". Granted I knew that I was not actually in a plane but the mechanics, physics and human involvement which felt very real, were so...obvious...that I started to question what it was I was really so worried about. On a side note, one of my issues is a lack of control when flying and in that hour, I was in control; control of my thoughts that is as opposed to just the yoke. I am going to fly soon and I am approaching it with a positive mindset. I use myself as a good example for anyone- if I can start to have an altered, less negative and relaxed attitude towards flying, then anyone can. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone- those with any phobia or people who wish to unlock their more confident self. Thank you Jonathan and Jab!

Of course, change takes time, and to help the process, you may opt to have a specially recorded hypnotic programme to take away and use at home.

Tailor made to your exact needs, the 20 minute audio recording comes on a high quality memory drive for you to use in your own home.

The cost of each programme is $150.

Now is the time to make the change you want, long-lasting changes to give you a happier, healthier lifestyle.