Hypnosis is natural


It is a proven methodology for communication with the subconscious mind, which is the root of all our emotional behaviour.

Hypnosis and its associated therapy works at the heart of the issue, so it is effective and efficient, with most patients noticing rapid changes that stay.

It can be used to deal with simple habitual problems like smoking, sleeping and overeating, to more complex psychological issues.

Modern hypnosis, delivered by a qualified practitioner is completely safe, comfortable and relaxing.

Using hypnosis, you could become a non-smoker, reduce your weight, increase your confidence and self-esteem, beat phobias, pass exams, sleep like a baby, be healthy and fit, relax more, be calmer, enhance your performance at work and playing sports, heal quickly, give birth naturally, solve problems, have better relationships and much more.

The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

Some myths dispelled

You are in control at all times.

You are aware of what is happening and where you are.

You can only be encouraged to do what you want to do. Hypnosis works with your will and not against it.

You can be taken into hypnosis easily, every person can, as long as you wish to.

In fact, you already know what hypnosis feels like, because you have experienced natural hypnotic states throughout your life, when watching TV, daydreaming or driving for example. These are pleasant, dreamlike states when we drift off.

The Safe, Intentional Hypnosis we use during your sessions, is entering these same, natural states deliberately and with awareness.

It is a systematic method that allows you to enter a safe, trance-like state, in which one can communicate directly with the subconscious and issue safe instructions or “suggestions”.

How we use it

Although hypnosis is a process which has been used since Egyptian times, its precise nature is still largely unknown.

Hypnosis may be used to modify unwanted behaviour patterns like smoking, alcohol dependence or phobias. It can also help to increase or amplify required behaviour, for example confidence, calmness and relaxation.

A hypnotist uses hypnosis to treat the symptoms of unwanted behaviour.

Often, the treatment can be continued at home with the aid of a special recording of your treatment session. This way you can repeat the progressive instructions from your treatment to achieve the results you want even faster.

A hypnotherapist uses hypnosis as a tool to examine the actual causes of the behaviour pattern and rectify the imbalance. Thus hypnotherapy can be used in the treatment of psychiatric patients and in people with psychosomatic conditions in which emotional or psychological disturbances precipitate physical disorders.

A hypnotherapist uses hypnosis to treat the causes of unwanted behaviour. Once the cause is identified and dealt with, the behaviour changes.

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