Individual Consultations

We work together as a team; therapist and client, to find the most effective route to resolution.

Self-Hypnosis Course

This unique course will show you how to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Joy of Flying Course

Our Joy of Flying course is designed to turn you into a happy, professional passenger.

Individual Consultations

Self-Hypnosis Course

Joy of Flying Course

There is a time in all our lives when we need a bit of a helping hand, whether it’s a shoulder to lean on, or some inspiration to make changes.

Perhaps you are looking to change an old habit into something more healthy, resolve some issues from the past that are slowing you down, or give some of your natural abilities a bit of a boost, hypnotherapy could well be the answer you are looking for.

Naturally you may have questions about seeing a hypnotherapist and about hypnosis in general, which is why your first 30 minute consultation with us is free of charge and without obligation. It will give you the opportunity to find out more about the nature of your problem and the pathway to achieving your goals.

I’m a strong believer that hypnosis can help you to find an easy way to see that real change is possible, and lasting.

We work together as a team; therapist and client, to find the most effective route to resolution.

How we work and what we charge

Your first consultation is free of charge. In this initial 30 minute session, you can ask all the questions you want about how hypnotherapy can help you, and it gives us the opportunity to find out more about your goals and plan a suitable strategy. It is at this stage that we should be able to give you an idea of how many sessions you are likely to need.

You see, everyone is different, and though people often share the same kinds of problems, the solution is rarely the same. Thus, each course of treatment is tailored individually for you. Subsequent sessions are charged from $300 per hour.

Of course, change takes time, and to help the process, you may opt to have a specially recorded hypnotic programme to take away and use at home.

Tailor made to your exact needs, the 20 minute audio recording comes on a high quality memory drive for you to use in your own home.

The cost of each programme is $150.

Hypnosis is the communication between two levels of mind; conscious and sub-conscious. The conscious is the questioning, intellectual, rational part of the mind and the sub-conscious is the emotional, automatic autonomic part.

The origin of this course is in outback Australia in the early 1960s, when a group of young Australians got together to experiment with the power of the mind, with extraordinary results. Their early findings have been developed over 50 years to create a method of self-hypnosis that is safe, reliable and truly powerful.

The course teaches you about the awesome power of communication, the vital importance of the words we use in every day life and teaches you how to relax at a molecular level.

You will see demonstrations of deep hypnosis and learn to use the special programs that have been developed to take yourself to a level where you can communicate directly with your subconscious mind; the seat of all change.

This is a practical course; you will experience hypnosis many times and be able to prove to yourself that your new skills really work.

The course is individually tailored to you and taught on a one-to-one basis at our clinic in Novena Medical Centre.

During just 6 hours of scheduled tuition, you learn about the myths and misconceptions of hypnosis, become skilled in writing powerful hypnotic programs, be able to activate deep relaxation techniques and begin to develop a new relationship with a previously hidden part of yourself that could literally change your life.

Course structure and timetable

Our prime objective is to offer you the finest tuition and the very best value for money. Your course fee includes the following:

  • 6 hours of interactive tuition, split over three 2-hour sessions
  • Complete course manual
  • Full support network
  • Reduced rate individual therapy sessions

The course fee of $1500 includes 6 hours of scheduled tuition, arranged to suit your schedule.

To find out more about our self-hypnosis course, book a free initial consultation and come for a no-obligation chat.

Despite commercial aviation being safer now that at any time in the past, many people are still nervous about flying. Symptoms can range from a general feeling of unease a few days before flying, to outright panic and an inability to set foot in an airport. A lot of flight-related anxiety is as a result of not understanding what is actually happening on an aircraft, or as a result of some previous experience that felt uncomfortable.

Because your unease with flying is individual to you, our course is too. It is run on a one-to-one basis over a few days. Ideal if you are about to take a flight, or if you want to plan ahead for a business trip or holiday. The course offers a good mix of everything you will need to be a ‘professional passenger’, including some sessions of hypnosis to help you to change your perspective on the experience of flying, and a 20 minute self-hypnosis recording made especially for you, so that you can build on the changes we start in the sessions.

In addition, we take you to a state-of-the-art flight simulator training facility – usually reserved for professional pilot training, for an hour’s briefing on the safety of flight, how aircraft systems work, navigation and flight planning.

Then, to seal your new found confidence, your therapist and one of our experienced commercial pilots will take you on a one hour flight in a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator – there are over 26,000 airports from which to choose and you will be at the controls!

Course structure and timetable

Each course is individually tailored for one passenger; you, and includes the following elements:

  • Free 30 minute initial consultation
  • Two x 1 hour sessions of hypnotherapy
  • One x 20 minute bespoke self-hypnosis recording to continue the good work
  • One x 1 hour session in a Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator
  • Telephone support
  • Joy of Flying information pack
  • DVD of your Simulator flight
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Exclusive Boeing keyring and set of pilots’ wings

The cost of the course is $1500.

To find out more, get in touch, or book your free consultation online.